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This is a different way of delivering logistics services. We’re the front desk and the point of contact throughout the process. We also manage the back end, ensuring we place your product with our trusted partners and monitoring it throughout every step of the supply chain.

Orbis team: Stephen Fredricson and Stuart Kingdon

This is what we do:


Meet with you to assess your requirements by examining your immediate situation while also considering your longer-term needs.


Examine potential options using our experience to problem solve and come up with the best option.


Negotiate the sharpest price and package that fits with your overall organisational goals.


Provide end-to-end oversight of the process from pickup to delivery.


Keep you in the loop with regular updates and ensure there are no surprises.


consultancy services


Analysing existing supply chain

Examining upstream potential

Negotiating with shipping line and airline carriers


We have the experience – negotiated 100,000s of containers and millions of kilograms

We have the relationships – with all the major carriers

We have the knowledge – to navigate a complex industry

Orbis team: Stuart Kingdon and Stephen Fredricson

The quality of the relationships with our clients is the most important feature of our service. We’re not about facilitating transactions. We’re totally committed to developing sustainable, long-term relationships. Our focus is on clear communication, providing individual attention and always being available.

freight forwarding

freight forwarding








Lighten the load

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Work with us and we’ll provide you with the peace of mind that comes with being in the hands of experts.

If there’s an issue we’ll deal with it straight away

We’ll understand your business and work out how we can contribute to your success

Your best interests are always at the forefront of our thinking

We’re highly efficient and always on top of things

You can rest easy because you’ll be getting the most competitive prices.